Flour supports the food culture of Japan at its foundations. Since our establishment in 1896 NIPPN has worked to develop the flour-based food culture in Japan, including bread, noodles, confectionaries, etc., and we have travelled this journey together with our customers. The wheat market is undergoing dynamic evolution on a global scale, but NIPPN places importance on food safety and has put in place company-wide systems that enable it to provide precise solutions to meet diversifying dietary needs. In the sales division, we provide total support, including the development of the types of flour that our customers want, and customer services. In the manufacturing division, we have put in place a comprehensive management system covering all processes from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and shipping, and have seven mills nationwide, including the Chiba Mill which has one of the highest flour milling capacities in Japan, and the Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe-Konan, Fukuoka, and Otaru mills, so that we can supply flour that is safe and has a consistent quality.
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